Aug 17, 2010

Your top three most annoying things about Lebanon [Survey]

According to a recent survey, published on August 15 in The New York Post, the most annoying thing in New York is people who block subway doors. The Post carried out the survey with 300 residents to find out what they don’t like about the city. The rest of the top 10 is as follows:

2. Tourists
3. Cabdrivers on cell phones
4. Drivers who block the box
5. Panhandlers
6. Hipsters
7. Bike delivery guys
8. Film shoots that take over the street
9. Street fairs
10. Tip jars everywhere

Here's an about a survey to find out the most annoying things in Lebanon?

Choose your top three most annoying things in Lebanon. If this post gets enough replies, I’ll compile the data and share the final list. If you don’t live in Lebanon but have visited the place before, you can still take part in this survey.

My top choices:

1. Electricity shortages
2. Internet bandwidth, plans and pricing structure
3. Traffic


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