Aug 10, 2010

My Ramadan wish list

This is will be my first Ramadan in Lebanon in 8 years. To celebrate this momentous occasion, I decided to create a wish list for the month. 

This Ramadan….
  • May Arab countries’ hearts soften and allow Palestinians and Watheeqa holders to enter their ‘sacred’ land.
  • May Arab countries unite over serious issues, not just BlackBerry banning.
  • May Gaza get peace and electricity.
  • May Beirut get electricity all day. 
  • May the humidity decides it’s time to vacation outside Lebanon.
  • May the fireworks in Lebanon wait till Eid.
  • May traffic have mercy on us.
  • May stores not hike Vimto and grocery prices.
  • May women show less skin (only during Ramadan).
  • May ‘True Blood’ episodes show less soft-core porn (again, only during Ramadan).
  • May people not tag me with Ramadan pictures on Facebook.
  • May Twitter be extra entertaining.
  • May people have more patience.
  • May people thank more and whine less.
  • May my family, friends and tweeps be always happy and healthy.
Blessed Ramadan everyone.


KJ said...

LOL @ Facebook tagging. I untag myself immediately.

I can add one more thing: May they all decide on one timing to start and end Ramadan. We live in the same solar system you know.

Mich said...

What a wonderful list. Inshallah Allah Yisma3 minak! Ramadan Kareem to you and your loved ones :-)

B. Nightingale said...

I love your blog! And Amen to that list...Ramadan Kareem.

ScillaMe said...

Inshallah! May all your wishes come true this Ramadan.

Remember Ramadan last year? :D

Ya Basha, you seem to be giving a makeover to your blog every other day. It looks different every time I come over here :)
Good job with the blog though.

Ramadan Kareem to you & your family.

Arabianism said...

@KJ I despise FB tagging.

@Mich Inshalla a blessed month for all

@F.Nightingale Thank you for your comment. Ramadan Kareem to you too :)

@Scilla With all the blog changes, I am learning more cool CSS and HTML tricks. I can now do it all manually. I'm loving it. I will keep on changing it :)

How's the timing in the office this year? Same as last year or the year before?

Pascal Assaf said...


Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

veeeeeeeeeeeeeery nice, well-put list I must say :)


Danielle said...

May I successfully organize an Iftar tweetup..wish you could make it! Are you back in Dubai? Ramadan Mubarak! ;)

danyawad said...

Very nice! Amen! and Ramadan Mubarak my friend..

A Bare Truth said...

May all your wishes come true, Happy Ramadan

Arabianism said...

@Daniella - I'm still in Beirut. I look forward to to an iftar tweetup :)

@danyawad & A Bare Truth - Thank you so much. May it be a blessed month for all :)

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