Aug 21, 2010

Do you even know what PR is?


This is what you get when you search for Public Relations (PR) jobs on Monster Gulf. 
  • Sales Manager
  • HR Manager
  • Arab Sales Executive
  • Secretary to CFO (WHAT?!)
  • Head of Supplement Sales
This is what you get when you search for Public Relations (PR) on 
  • Public Health Consultant
  • Senior Sales Representative – Hardware
  • Customer Relations Executive
  • Senior Admin and Facilities Executive
  • IT Project Manager
  • Technical Consultant
  • Estimator
  • Human Resources and Administration Manager 

The list of unrelated jobs goes on. Granted there are jobs related to the PR industry but, seriously, how hard is it to have a proper filtering system? 

This proves that the concept of PR is still lost on many and education is lacking. 

Idiot at Company X: Hello. Monster Gulf? We would like to advertise for an opening. The position is Secretary to CFO.
Monster Gulf: Sure. We will place it under Secretarial category.
Idiot at Company X: No. Put it under PR.
Monster Gulf: But this not a PR position.
Idiot at Company X: Never mind that.  My boss doesn't know what PR but he said it’s the buzz word and he requested this category.
Monster Gulf: That should be fine. Many people don’t know what PR is anyway so you’ll get away with it. Pleasure doing business with you.


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