Aug 14, 2010

My follow list in 11 categories

Twitter is truly fascinating. It’s a planet on its own. A virtual one. Much like the real world, It embraces different characters and personalities.  Over the past 2 years, I have been religiously active on Twitter. On an average day, I spend enough time on Twitter to virtually ‘know’ and characterize tweeps into different categories.

Turns out there are 11 different ones.

The Poets.
They not only make you envious of their remarkable talent but their words are so electrifying, you instantly go into a state of trance.

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The Angels.
They say you can’t really know a person until you meet him/her face to face. I say there’s always an exception to the rule. On my Twitter list, I have few angels. They always offer unconditional love and support. I don’t have an ounce of doubt that in real life, they are also angels.

The Activists.
They are the ones that are true to their cause. Full of determination and dedication. You don’t have to agree with their ideologies but they still make you believe that people can make a difference and that the world could be a better place. You learn a lot from them.   

The Chandler Bings.
They are the ones who shower us with cynicism and sarcasm in 99% of their tweets. Much like the ‘Friends’ TV character, I believe they use sarcasm as a defense mechanism.  And “OH. MY. GOD” most of the time you wish they were standing in front you so you could punch the living daylight out of them. Still, they are entertaining.

The Comedians.
In 140 characters or less, the comedians can make you cry with laughter with their snappy tweets and remarks. I usually don’t follow individuals who don’t follow back but for the comedians, I will always make an exception.  Unlike the Chandler Bings, who try to be funny but instead make you cringe, the comedians are genuinely hilarious.

The Photographers.
I never really appreciated the art of photography until I joined Twitter. I follow brilliant amateurs who could easily pass for professional photographers. They really make you appreciate the art. Every shot is a masterpiece.  

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The Playlists.
To create the perfect music collection, I would seek The Playlists' tweets. Hands down, they have the best taste in music. Every #nowplaying tweet is worth checking out.

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The Stoners.
Ok, they might not be actual stoners but their tweets surely indicate they are high on something. They simply make you go “WTF?!” Appropriately enough, they come out and ramble late at night. Great fun if you have insomnia.

The Techies.
They provide you with the best tech related support, information and news. I am not talking about the likes of Engadget or Mashable or the self-proclaimed geeks. I mean tweeps who live and breathe technology.  Whenever my mind is in tech mode, I focus solely on their tweets.

The Romantics.
Painfully and hopelessly in love. They tweet random romantic thoughts and always choose love songs in their #nowplaying tweets. It’s sometimes endearing, but mostly depressing.

The Journos.
A must-follow to get the news as it breaks. Great bunch. There is a black sheep in every flock, however. 

Do you have the same categories?


KJ said...

More or less, but you forgot the Apple fanatics, the Janices (LOL), and the stalkers (who never appear on your timeline for a few days but suddenly DM you regarding something you tweeted hours ago, FREAKY!)

And of course your boss who happens to read just when you tweeted about contributing methane to the atmosphere.

Arabianism said...

@KJ - Some interesting categories you got there. Hmmm...The more I think about it, the bigger the list could be. I would add the Android fanatics as well..of course there are also the Philosophers and the Bitching Squad. Twitter FTW :-D

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