Sep 12, 2010

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Aug 31, 2010

You are not welcome

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A couple weeks ago, I decided it’s time for a vacation. I have a visa to the US but for someone who hates flying, the trip is unbearable. UK was the best option. It’s only 5 hours from Beirut and London was always on the list of cities I wanted to visit. It also helps that I have friends there who promised to show me around.

Aug 24, 2010

Television Fail

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I don’t watch TV much. The last time I watch extensive amount of television was during the World Cup. But in the last couple of days, I was Internet-less most of the time. I had to resort to television, the old fashioned source of entertainment and news.

Aug 21, 2010

The house that should replace all buildings in Lebanon

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German architect Rolf Disch built the home, called Heliotrope, to follow the sun throughout the day. The structure features triple panes of thermally insulated glass to strike a balance between letting light in and keeping the house cooler inside. 

Do you even know what PR is?

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This is what you get when you search for Public Relations (PR) jobs on Monster Gulf. 
  • Sales Manager
  • HR Manager
  • Arab Sales Executive
  • Secretary to CFO (WHAT?!)
  • Head of Supplement Sales

Our universities suck, apparently

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If you thought the American University of Beirut (AUB) is the best university in the region, well, you are wrong.

According to ARWU’s top 500 educational institutes of 2010, the best universities in the Arab world are King Saud University and King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals.

Who would have thought! I actually know nothing about both universities but congratulations for making the list.  

What’s even more intriguing is out of the 22 Arab countries (14,000,000 km2) only the above two universities made the list. On the other hand, seven different universities made the cut in tiny Israel (28,000 km2) and 25 made the cut in Japan (378,000 km2). Now what does that tell you about the educational system in the Arab world?

I still say the AUB got snubbed. 
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