Aug 31, 2010

You are not welcome


A couple weeks ago, I decided it’s time for a vacation. I have a visa to the US but for someone who hates flying, the trip is unbearable. UK was the best option. It’s only 5 hours from Beirut and London was always on the list of cities I wanted to visit. It also helps that I have friends there who promised to show me around.

A week ago, I filled the visa application, gathered most of the requested documents and booked an appointment. The appointment was last Wednesday. Less than 48 hours later, I received an SMS informing me that my documents are ready to be collected.

I got the visa. A multiple entry visa.

Dear Arab countries, if the USA and the UK believe that a Palestinian’s disposable income is good enough for them, where do you get off denying us your precious visa? Aren't you ashamed of yourselves? Do you even feel ashamed? It hurts that western countries welcome Palestinians but you, Arab countries, won’t. Few years ago, I applied for a visa to visit my parents in Kuwait. I tried for a whole year to get it. I never did.

What a disgrace. The Arab League is nothing but a joke.       


Fahed Bizzari said...

Whilst I can't but agree with you, please tell the Brits to give my housemaids visas as well. I've tried to take them with me to the UK for 2 years in a row now (to visit my family) and each time they reject it.

This year, their explanation went like this: "AED 1,500 per month is a low salary per UAE and UK standards and, although your employer will be increasing your salary to AED 1,500 per week during the time that you are in the UK, this is still below the UK minimum wage. As you do not have any fixed assets in the UAE, we are not convinced that you are coming to work for your employer during their stay, but that you will look for alternative employment opportunities."

Very annoying (although I was quite happy to spend my summer in the UAE).

Chaoticposha said...

Am truly sorry to know this...what a disgrace indeed. As a Kuwaiti person I am so ashamed of the way my government is handling this issue.

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