Jul 6, 2010

Twitter: The privacy, the failure and the rudeness

A rather interesting day on Twitter today. Unusual to say the least.

I woke up at 7am and scanned the online news. I came across an article defaming a wonderful person on my follow list. To protect the privacy of this person, I decided not to tweet the article but instead send it to her via direct message as a heads up. She graciously replied back. 

Few hours later, someone else came across the article and decided to tweet it. The storm of retweets followed soon afterwards.
All the tweets were showing support for the concerned person except for one tub-of-lard-chandler-bing-wannabe tweeter.

But I won’t waste any time on him.

In my opinion, it would have been better if the article was not mentioned publicly on Twitter until the concerned person expresses her views on the subject, even if it was with good intentions. The PR in me thought tweeting the article, without an official 'statement', would escalate things and make them worse. That's why, I refrain from tweeting about it or mentioning any names in my post. 

As expected, the storm of tweets are now causing people to speculate. 

But all I have to say to the concerned person is I genuinely hope the defaming article does not cause you any issues. I would like to assure you that you have many fans and supporters behind you and I am sure you will have the last laugh.

Speaking of PR…

Later in the day, yours truly, tweeted the above message which caused quite a stir.

For the past few days I have seen plenty of tweets related to a ‘Twitter Retweet Contest’ campaign by Nahel.com

I am a big supporter of social media campaigns that are executed properly. Wild Peeta, Du and Geek Fest are examples of brilliant social media marketing.

On the other hand, a campaign that asks you to “retweet to win a prize” is nothing but utter spam. I have seen and unfollowed plenty of those spammers over the past two years.

Shockingly (and immaturely, I might add), few of the so-called marketing experts defended the spamming by Nahel.com. Unsurprisingly, they are the same people who organized this disastrous campaign on behalf of Nahel.  

Not only did they not have a logical explanation to their defense but they had the nerves to be rude and insulting to other tweeters who labeled their campaign as a 'failure'.

It is worth mentioning that a lot of people are taking part in this contest to win the prize. Nevertheless, I am confident that once the competition is over, Nahel’s follow list will drop significantly. Like one smart tweeter said, 'there is no brand loyalty'. That's why I agree, the campaign is a failure. 


KJ said...

Keeping track of every RT by every single person on twitter? #COSMICFAIL

PS: I am appalled the award didn't go to me :)

Arabianism said...

KJ, your tweets are not spam. In fact, they brighten our day on Twitter. That's why everyone missed them for 2 weeks. No more holidays for you :)

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