Jul 4, 2010

Bayt.com adds more jobs, unemployment imminent

This is yet another Bayt.com failed banner post. 

Bayt.com have updated their disastrous website banner. They now proudly have 20,308 jobs for their 4,500,000 job seekers. That’s a 0.45% (still less than 1%) chance of securing a job with them, a slight increase from the 0.42% chance they had in June 2010.

In layman’s term: your chance of securing a job is still slim to bupkis.

Bayt, seriously, basic marketing! That banner is not doing you any good. It’s about time you destroyed it along with the destroyed dreams and hopes of your job seekers who come across it. Replace it and replace your marketing team immediately. 

P.S Thank you for giving me material to blog about. I have nothing against you but that banner is just wrong. 


Fahed Bizzari said...

This is the problem of copy cat mentalities. Whoever did that probably saw something like it on another website and thought it would be great to have it on theirs.

Assuming there is some logic to it, however, they are trying to do is appeal to both job seekers and organisations simultaneously.

What they need to do, though, is split the message up so that the number of job seekers is shown off in the "employers" section and the number of jobs available is shown off in the "job-seekers" section.

Wouldn't you agree?

Arabianism said...

Fahed, I totally agree. From a business perspective, splitting the message would encourage organizations to partner with Bayt and at the same time, it will look less discouraging for job seekers.

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