Jul 11, 2010

If you don’t like it, leave

A common phrase uttered by those with an average IQ of 50. I’ve heard/read it many times by imbeciles who can’t engage in a rational conversation.  Not a day goes by without someone posting this phrase on the comments section on Arabian Business.

They barf: “Don’t criticize. If you don’t like it, leave.”


Lately, it’s been heard a lot in Lebanon. You see, Lebanon has solved all of its political, social and economical issues (get the sarcasm?)and now the people are focused on one single problem: the right for Palestinians to be humans. Or as media would put it: the right for Palestinians to work.

Social security? Well, I never.

How dare Palestinians get any civil rights in Lebanon? How dare they major or work in medicine, journalism or law? The blasphemy!

Yes, we will take their $50,000+ tuition fee but to have the choice of what to study? like human beings?  Na-ah!

Yes, they can spend a fortune buying houses and register them in their Lebanese wives’ names, but for their children to inherit those houses? Ain’t gonna happen!
And “ If you don’t like it, leave.”

Well Mr. Imbecile, allow me to paste an excerpt from an article published in the Daily Star titled: ‘Lebanon wins if Palestinians are granted the right to work’. 
More than 90 percent of Palestinian refugees spend all their income in Lebanon contributing directly to the Lebanese economy. Allowing them to work will, it is estimated by the International Labor Organization, double this figure and dramatically spur growth. Current financial benefits to the Lebanon economy from her Palestinian guests include the following: 
As a large percentage of Lebanese continue to leave the country for study and employment, this creates serious gaps in Lebanon’s economy as well as a steady demand for skilled and unskilled labor in the Lebanese labor market. Palestinians refugees are willing and able to fill this chasm. Yet the economic benefits of full and legal participation by Palestinian refugees in the Lebanese labor market have been willfully underestimated through political resistance to granting them basic rights.Granting Palestinians the right to work will not take Lebanese jobs. 
In stark contrast to the non-Palestinian work force, Palestinians represent a numerically modest fraction and pose no threat to job opportunities for Lebanese employees. Indeed, granting the right to work which includes improving the work conditions and safeguards for the Palestinians currently working in the so-called “informal sector” (i.e., illegal employment or black market rendering them potentially liable for exploitation, dismissal, fines and/or jail) will also benefit Lebanese who are forced to compete against below minimum wages earners who are non-Lebanese. 
Another interesting article (Arabic) worth reading was published in Al Awda Magazine, titled 'The Palestinian in Lebanon 2010'. Thanks to @Ammouni for sharing the link. 

The above post is based on my personal life and the unfairness I endure as a Palestinian in Lebanon. Even as half Lebanese, I don’t get any rights in Lebanon. I soon plan to write a post on the horror of being a Palestinian in the Arab world. Stay tuned.


Liliane said...

This is really unfair! Been thinkin about it for quite a while.. Thanka for sharing this article. And i donno when will lebanon get that palestinians in lebanon are part of this country and as soon as they allow them to take part as the next citizen the better things this country will head to better things

Arabianism said...

Liliane, thanks for your comment. It truly is unfair. You'd think as half Lebanese, I would entitled to some rights. Sadly, this is not the case.

Bilal said...

You shouldn't be half Lebanese, regardless of the Palestinian issue in Lebanon, you should BE Lebanese because your mother is. Simple. Hopefully we'll change that soon...

Arabianism said...

Bilal, that should be the case. Alas, generations have been waiting for 60 years for this to happen.

KJ said...

I like the hypocrites who insist on being pro-Palestinians and sympathize with the cause only to refuse the people.

It's a simple formula. People who work contribute to the growth of business and the economy. With people unemployed you have a population consuming resources without contributing much (I wouldn't say anything; everyone contributes in their own way).

شر البلية ما يضحك ولكن إلى متى الضحك

Bassam said...

Dude, what ever ur name is ( tried to look for it yet ddt find it)we share the same Sh*** as a (palestinian refugee) and from a Lebanese mother, i have suffered every single word u wrote, from education to traveling (arab countries only when i have several schengen visas on my watheeka) to work to now the fear of loosing our assets for being Pals! this is SICK. i even deny to be called palestinian! was born (my dad before me) here in Beirut, raised, grew up, got my education and know nothing about palestine but what i hear in the news. this is so infair, at least we should get the nationality for beig half lebanese!!!! i can write books about me suffering this watheeka thing. if i only can get the oportunity to get the hell outa here and get a decent Nationality....

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