Jul 21, 2010

Screw you all

I am strongly against organizations going silent when in a crisis or under scrutiny (Hi, Etisalat). However, when you decide to be arrogant and hire nitwits for PR, it’s better to shut up.

Sharjah Electricity Water Authority, AKA Stopping Electricity Without Accountability, AKA SEWA, has been under a lot of heat lately because of power outages in the Emirate. Keep in mind the temperature in the UAE sores up to 50 degree Celsius in July. Read more about the Sharjah power outage
Not only did SEWA take their sweet time to respond to the issue, but they provided the public with one of the most heinous statements in history:

Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority, which provides power in the emirate, said the cuts were not unusual. “They are just ordinary power cuts,” a spokesman said without providing further information.
Source: The National  
Here's my interpretation of SEWA’s statement: “Screw you all. We will do whatever we want and we don’t have to justify it to the public.”

SEWA, you disgust me. 


KJ said...

These "ordinary" power cuts some time ago made SWEA raise the rates to even out the costs and eliminate future "ordinary" power cuts!

Should I mention that when I used to live in Taawun (the persumably posh part of Sharjah) we also got water cuts sometimes?!

Fahed Bizzari said...

I don't think its as evil as you think.

In my opinion, they have a childish attitude which is completely disconnected with 2010.

For example, as an irresponsible child, you (well, maybe not you!) break something. And, rather than owning up, you don't tell anyone, stay silent and hope that the hot air blows over.

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