Jul 21, 2010

Et tu, UAE?

Following my Watheeqa: A true-life tale of horror post, I received several message confirming that the United Arab Emirates has indeed stopped issuing visas to all Palestinians.

I’m testing this.

I applied for a visa to the UAE last week. So far, it has not been approved. The feedback I’m getting is “it’s still with immigration.”  This is never good news. In the past, I used to get the visa in two working days.

I guess I will have to wait until I get a definite ‘approved/rejected’ answer. I will keep you posted.

Before I forget, I would like to thank everybody who read, tweeted and commented on the Watheeqa post. A special thanks goes to Palestine Note, Arabist, Malarky News and Arab News Blog for publishing / linking the article. I did not expect the post to be this popular. I am honored.


KJ said...

I have heard such rumours as well from several sources, except it was "very difficult to obtain" rather than absolute deny.

Your previous visa[s] to the UAE should help in the approval process. Keep us updated.

Arabianism said...

I heard that it's next to impossible for people holding a Palestinian passport or Watheeqas other than the Lebanese one. Time will tell :)

Scillame said...

Someone from office was talking about this yesterday. Insha'Allah you get it without much hassle.

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