Jul 8, 2010

CNN: Disconnecting the Middle East from the rest of the world

Dear CNN,

I can't say I was shocked to read that you had to let go of Octavia Nasr, senior editor of Middle East affairs. Your action only confirms that CNN caves to right wing neocons

I will not get into how absurd it is to fire an editor, who's been dedicated to you for the past 20 years, over a misinterpreted message on Twitter. But, I would like to bring to your attention that the UAE President, H.H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, has offered his condolences and tribute following the demise of Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah. Will you succumb to pressure and shut down your studio and offices in the UAE?

Just in case you missed it, leaders of Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Turkey and of many other nations have paid tribute to Fadlallah.

You better get in touch very soon with your advertisers, such as Qatar Foundation, Mubadala MasdarOrascom and others, and explain your fictional loyalty to the Middle East.

You are a great contributor to the death of freedom o speech and to disconnecting the Middle East from the rest of the world. You should be ashamed.


Update I: A Facebook group was created in support of Octavia Nasr. You can join the group here.

Update II: Octavia Nasr has not tweeted since CNN's unjust decision but Twitter user, @meetsamer, has been in touch with her and posted that Octavia has been feeling 'strong as a nail'. You will have the last laugh, Octavia. 


Naeema said...

Interesting point of view

Mich said...

Very well put!

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Hanan said...

Wow...Octavia Nasr should not be betrayed in this manner, period !

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