Jun 21, 2010

Will Qatar bend the rules to win the World Cup 2022 bid?

From low-carbon cooling technologies to the renovations of its stadiums, Qatar is going out of its way to win the bid to host the World Cup2022 in the tiny peninsula.

In  my heart of hearts, I do hope Qatar wins the bid. It’s about time the World Cup is hosted in the Middle East.

But  I do have a valid question to ask.

Yesterday, while watching the Brazil Vs. Côte d'Ivoire match, I noticed the Budweiser ads across the stadium LED banners.

Fact:  Budweiser has been sponsoring the World Cup since 1986.
Fact: Alcohol advertising is prohibited by law in Qatar.
Fact: Public drinking of alcohol is prohibited by law in Qatar.

So the question is: What happens to Budweiser, a strategic FIFA partner, if Qatar wins the Wolrd Cup 2022 bid?

Should Qatar bend its Islamic laws? Will we see Bud ads publicly displayed across Qatari stadiums? 

Will it be sold at the stadium for the thousands of beer-loving fans who plan to travel thousands of miles to Qatar?

What do you think?

I would be interested to know Qatar and FIFA's input on this.


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