Jun 19, 2010

Something wicked comes your way

Just when you thought you could adjust to living in Lebanon, something wicked comes your way. No, it’s not the power cuts three hours a day. No, it’s not the roads and the traffic jams. No, it’s not the horrendous slowness of the Internet or the rip-off plans. This time it’s VoIP.

Yes, following the footsteps of the UAE, VoIP has died in Lebanon.

In fact, it was murdered by law in 2002 but it was still active (don’t ask!).

However, a family member just informed me that she can’t use Vonage anymore. And the buzz on Twitter is that Skype is terminally ill and its demise is expected soon.

Are we intentionally trying to kill what’s left of our economy? Are we intentionally trying to tell regional and multinational companies to shove off and not invest in Lebanon? 

I cannot begin to understand how such decisions are taken. How do we manage to keep on moving backwards instead of forward? 

If officials in Arabianism Land are not aware of VoIP benefits, it's time to brush up on some serious reading: 


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