Jun 20, 2010

Poor customer service in Lebanon begins at the airport

A Couple of days ago, my sister and my two nephews (aged 2 & 3) arrived from Kuwait . My mother was waiting for them at the airport to welcome them.

She decided to buy her grandsons a couple of helium balloons. She goes into the airport gift shop and…

Mother: Can you please help me? I would like a couple of balloons.

A.Hole shopkeeper: (with an attitude) Can’t you see I'm busy?

Mother: The balloons are all tied together. Should I untie them myself?

A.Hole shopkeeper: (with an i-don’t’-give-a-shit tone) Do whatever you want!

I am no tourism expert but I would guess tourism 101 states that ‘exceptional customer service is a MUST at the airport.’

A professional – and a decent – shopkeeper would have the courtesy to say something like:” I will be with you in a minute Ma’am.” But this lowlife SOB,  solely gives a negative image about the service quality in the country. 

Why should anyone resort to saying: “This is Lebanon. Did you expect any better?”

Moral of the story: Don’t set yourself up for a disappointment. If you plan to visit Lebanon this summer, don’t anticipate high standards of customer service. Or better yet, go somewhere else. Anywhere else is cheaper and a decent customer service is expected.

In case you are wondering,  my mother did not buy the balloons because of his attitude.


KJ said...

That's some attitude... I would have taken the name of the woman and reported her... but then again who am I kidding, it's Lebanon!

MEscilla said...

The image accompanying this post is funny and sums up the bad service your mom received at the airport.

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