Jun 19, 2010


I never knew how thriving blogging is in Lebanon until I stumbled upon Lebanon Aggregator

This is actually one of the reasons why I started a personal blog. I do think blogging is taken seriously in this country (much more than the UAE) and I would like to think that it is as influential as traditional media. 

In fact, recent events have proven that bloggers can bring to the table what traditional media couldn’t bring. 

What’s even more interesting is the diversity of Lebanese blogs. We have the poets, the politicians, the cooks, the activists, and many more. 

And Lebanon Aggregator has gathered them all into one site. 

Not only does it offer a list of 100+ Lebanese blogs but it also features a “Not so mini blog-roll”, highlighting the latest entries from each blog.

This is by no mean a plug for Lebanon Aggregator (although I don’t see the harm). As a matter of fact, I have a bone to pick with the site. 

I would have preferred if the blogs were divided into categories. I know it takes a lot of time for the webmaster to categorize every blog, but it takes even more time to go through the 100+ sites to find the ones that cater to people’s interests. 

I tried that! Eventually, and after visiting 20+ blogs, I gave up! I did however find the first 20 or so blogs fascinating. I do plan to check every single one on the list in the coming days.

Nevertheless, kudos to the site for its round-up of Lebanese Blogs. Great effort, undoubtedly; and props to the blogging community and social media advocates across Lebanon and Arabianism land. 


Mich said...

Totally agree with you. Lebanon's bloggers are a true inspiration and am trying to build up the courage to start one. Glad you have joined them and LebanonaGGregator.com's roll call!! Looking forward to reading much more :-))

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